Tricks you didn't know until today about Google maps

Google Maps
Google Maps

you use Google Maps in your Android or iPhone  to check trip times on your manner to paintings and locate new eating places to attempt out on the weekends -- however if you're best the usage of the Maps app for the fundamentals, you're missing out. Google Maps has numerous neglected capabilities that you may not recognise about.

as an example, whilst travelling different international locations, you may use Google Maps to translate the call of in which you're looking to pass (like a restaurant) -- that's extraordinarily useful if the use of a cab to get there. additionally, you may use Maps interior whilst you're on the airport.

note that you may not have all these functions yet, as some are new or restrained to iPhone customers. right here's a way to use these five Google Maps tricks.

Translate location names and addresses

in case you're making plans an international journey and have not brushed up at the country's language, you're still in luck. Google Maps has a new feature that helps you to concentrate to the names of restaurants and different places you are inquisitive about touring to in the location's native language. 

to use the language tool, find where you're looking to move and tap it. subsequent to the call of the area, you will see a speaker icon. tap the speaker to listen the pronunciation so that you can learn the way to say the word. Now you can journey around any country like a seasoned.

customize your automobile icon (iPhone only)

bored with looking at a little blue arrow while driving? No problem -- you can exchange the arrow icon to a car icon to make it greater customized. choose between a crimson sedan, a green truck or a yellow SUV.

It makes it easier to see where you're at the map, in preference to trying to find the blue arrow that blends in with the map. alas, that is handiest to be had for iPhone drivers right now, however we are assuming Android telephones will get this option in the future.

Order meals

in case you'd alternatively live at home on your PJs than exit for lunch, then Google Maps has you covered. The Maps app uses offerings like DoorDash, Postmates,, Slice and ChowNow to deliver your meals order to you.

while you're in Maps, look for a participating restaurant and faucet Order on-line. next, pick shipping and pick a provider to deliver your food. Now you could upload what you'd like to consume in your cart. when you're completed, pick Checkout, enter your fee info after which faucet place Your Order.

measure the space between regions

in case you need to recognise the gap among  places, then you may find this Google Maps tool accessible. it is referred to as degree Distance, and you may use it on your computer and make contact with. It offers you the whole distance in feet and kilometers.

If using Google Maps on your browser in your pc or Mac, right-click the start line in Google Maps. subsequent, choose measure distance and keep at the measuring route until you have selected the entire region you would like to look the distance of.

If the usage of your cellphone, press and preserve at the starting point until you notice a dropped pin. faucet the menu at the bottom of the display and select degree distance. you will see a line of blue dots -- to move them on the path, you'll need to tug your finger across the display screen within the course you need to measure. whilst you've reached where you need to forestall, tap add factor. a brand new set of blue traces will seem and you could repeat the stairs till you've measured the entire area.

Use Maps indoors

it is able to be tricky to discover your manner around a massive airport, in particular in case you're no longer a frequent flyer. fortuitously, you may use Google Maps to help direct you round unusual terminals. And the map will show you nearby gates, eating places, stores, lounges and different places of interest in that region. 

start search for the terminal you're looking for in Google Maps. you could zoom in and out to peer extraordinary flooring and transfer to them with the aid of tapping at the ground. this selection is likewise available for collaborating department shops and different massive venues.