The iPhone crushes Android phones 7 ways

iPhones have masses of precious functions that Android phones lack. iMessage, FaceTime and normal OS updates for almost each iPhone are a few top examples. 

here are my favourite iPhone capabilities that Android users are lacking out on.


Wireless headphones and earbuds

Pairing the wi-fi AirPods  earbuds on your iPhone is a continuing revel in that makes Apple's gadget leagues beforehand of Google's. one of the maximum staggering advantages is being capable of use the identical AirPods with your Mac or Apple Watch  while not having to pair them once more. 

Samsung's Galaxy Buds  attempt to recreate that magical experience, and they come near, however lack the variety and ease of use throughout more than one gadgets. Google's Pixel Buds 2 are Android customers' satisfactory desire for recreating that magic -- however you may have to wait a touch longer before they start transport. 

The AirPods have masses of capabilities and hints you will need to research, like sharing audio and asking Siri to study your incoming messages. The AirPods seasoned do even greater.

At the same time iPhone gets software updates

software program updates have usually been a shortcoming of the Android platform as an entire. unless you very own one in every of Google's Pixel phones, you never in reality know whilst you are going to obtain a protection replace or important feature launch, because that timing is up to every man or woman smartphone emblem. some are greater constant than others. 

however, while Apple releases a software program replace for the iPhone, each single consumer has on the spot access to that replace so long as their iPhone remains supported. here's a present day list of supported gadgets that is going back to the iPhone SE . when iOS 13 arrived in September, iPhone owners had been able right away to replace. while iOS 13.1 got here out some days later, each person became all over again capable of update without delay. 

You just do not get that type of consistency and assurance on the totality of Android telephones.

iMessage gives you that blue bubble feeling

possibly the largest function that Android customers don't have, and probably by no means will, is Apple's proprietary messaging platform iMessage. It seamlessly syncs throughout all your Apple devices, is completely encrypted and has a ton of playful features like Memoji.

while you ship a message to some other iPhone and you see the chat bubble flip blue, you realize that the man or woman on the alternative end of the communique is using an iPhone, too. That makes you a part of a club, sure, but it is also sure benewiwireless, like chatting over wifi and being capable of share high-res wiwireless and photographs with the man or woman on the other give up of the road.

iMessage additionally lets you request or ship cash thru Apple Pay, and pepper the message with greater colorful animations, for example, which makes for an improved conversation than the use of trendy SMS at the iPhone. you'll understand you are in regular texting mode whilst the chat bubbles are inexperienced. 

Google lately rolled out its personal tackle iMessage as part of its Messages app. It makes use of something known as rich conversation offerings that will let you ship better excellent images and wi-films, and spot examine receipts or even typing signs so that you understand once they other individual is replying. at the same time as Google's RCS brings massive enhancements to chatting on an Android phone, it's not as widely used as iMessage right now and would not have Apple's complete set of functions.

Video calls with iPhone are as simple as a phone call

FaceTime is one characteristic that Android has by no means been able to healthy, despite Google's excellent efforts with its Duo app. FaceTime works so nicely as it's encrypted and prepared to use the instant you installation your new iPhone. 

Like iMessage, FaceTime is for lots people synonymous with video calls. it's the only app they want to apply and that they do not need to log into a third-birthday celebration app or search for contacts to set it up and start a call. it is just routinely connected on your contacts, digital camera and dialer to do all of the paintings. it's this ease that makes FaceTime one of the motives that circle of relatives agencies stay rooted to the iPhone.

Shortcuts + Siri = time saved

Apple's Shortcuts app is preinstalled at the iPhone and lets proprietors create and share automations for common duties, like checking the spelling for a report, viewing the Amazon charge records for an item, or changing a video to a GIF with multiple taps. 

i take advantage of Shortcuts on a daily foundation, and extra recently i have been giving Siri voice commands to do such things as integrate current screenshots into one photo or even used the Stats app.

For years, Siri had a horrific popularity as being not so good as Google Assistant and Alexa -- and rightfully so. Apple's personal assistant become at the back of the opposition for far too lengthy. but, i use Siri on a daily foundation for commonplace obligations starting from gambling tune, minutiae questions and climate forecasts -- all the identical stuff i take advantage of Alexa for -- and Siri's effects and abilties match Amazon's assistant. 

The addition of Shortcuts guide to Siri's repertoire has only reinforced it. certainly, Google Assistant has exercises and the potential to automate sure aspects, but the flexibility and on-tool automation of Shortcuts makes it an essential device.

Seamless backup and restore

i have installation loads of Android phones, and the method has never been as painless as it's miles once I installation a brand new iPhone. With the iPhone, I log into my iCloud account, tap on restore after which wait about 20 minutes. it really is not the case with an Android cellphone. 

Google's backup and restore service does a wiwireless activity, however more frequently than no longer there are apps I want to reinstall or log into, setting to adjust, and disappointment to control whilst the phones frequently fail to repair my domestic screen layout precisely how I had it. The restore feature is supposed to save time, but I nevertheless spend a bit of it wi-fiwireless-tuning the Android gadgets I installation this way. 

in the meantime, my iPhone backs up to iCloud each night time (as long because it's related to wifi and charging), and absolutely restores hooked up apps, bills, domestic display screen and settings without fail.

What bloatware? 

Bloatware, crapware. something you want to name it, it doesn't exist on an iPhone. Apple doesn't allow companies to put in any apps earlier than you get the cellphone, in contrast to Android gadgets which can be loaded with carrier-particular apps from the instant you first turn them on. 

yes, you may delete or hide the ones apps in only a few mins for your Android smartphone, however it is no longer something customers must need to cope with. Who really desires the AT&T locker app? Or random games driven on you due to the fact the developer struck a address your service? I recognize I do not. now not to say, researchers have determined that preinstalled apps are susceptible to insects and safety problems. for my part, the owner of a cellphone have to have manage over what is and isn't mounted. 

in case you're searching out greater features that make the iPhone higher than Android, look no similarly than this lengthy list of functions Apple introduced in iOS 13, and in case you're nevertheless not satisfied, here is a wholesome listing of hidden functions.

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