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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite shifts best phone from expensive luxury

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite shifts best phone from expensive luxury

The real reason the Note 10 Lite matters. 

And it isn't the headphone jack

Samsung Galaxy note 10 Lite
Samsung Galaxy note 10 Lite

In a tightly packed, dimly lit resort room at CES, Samsung did some thing so everyday it's tremendous. the world's largest phone brand showed off a downmarket model of its optimum cellphone for strength users, the Galaxy observe 10 Lite. growing a inexpensive variant of a $1,000 tool is not rare. phone-makers do it all of the time to attract customers with more humble budgets. what's unique is that it took place to this smartphone specifically.

Ever seeing that launching in 2011, the Galaxy note has represented Samsung's pinnacle in specs and performance, at the same time as the Galaxy S line is more mainstream (and sure, there may be a brand new Galaxy S10 Lite, too). The authentic word stood out for its 5.3-inch display and its stylus, the S Pen, which you can use to navigate, draw and write at the display. considered laughably large for its time, the primary Galaxy word single-handedly kicked off the fashion of big-screen phones, or "phablets."

on account that then, Samsung has cautiously cultivated the observe circle of relatives of phones, the use of the tool to test with the curved displays which are now normal of its high-give up handsets. In truth, Samsung automatically saves its maximum powerful specifications -- the most important display screen, maximum superior camera specs and biggest battery and garage capacities -- for the yearly Galaxy observe screen, which normally takes place in August.

this is why Samsung's impulse to create a "Lite" word absolutely reverses the whole thing the notice has come to face for as the brand's exceptional of the exceptional. In creating a cheaper, greater primary notice, Samsung is also democratizing the be aware's maximum awesome and enduring function: the virtual stylus.

not like the Galaxy word 10 and note 10 Plus, the note 10 Lite has any such extraordinary appearance and function set, it is able to nearly be a totally new telephone. It retains a massive screen (6.7 inches), however has a miles less exceptional resolution. It has straight aspects in preference to curved, a headphone jack that the be aware 10 lacked, and a specific trio of camera sensors in a brand new rectangular mount. the one factor it does have in commonplace with its cousin is the stylus, which regarded just as responsive and succesful as the one at the be aware 10 Plus.

Samsung hasn't introduced the price or launch date yet, however it is a honest bet this light model will fee less than half of the note 10's $950 retail charge.

whatever the very last rate, a cheap be aware creates an possibility for Samsung to deliver the S Pen stylus to a very exclusive tier of buyers, one this is rate-aware and inquisitive about the flexibility of writing on the screen. Introducing the word to a brand new target market has  essential benefits.

the first is that it is able to help solidify Samsung's lead as the world's top cellphone brand by way of flooding the market with telephones at each price. for instance, there are actually three Galaxy Notes and five Galaxy S10s (5G, Plus, wellknown S10, S10E, S10 Lite).

the second advantage of a budget word 10 is extra strategic. Samsung has frequently stated that be aware customers are the most loyal, and much more likely to buy destiny generations of notice telephones than any other model from any brand. If Samsung is capable of capture a new target market of word shoppers, it may help cozy destiny sales, and possibly upsell be aware 10 Lite owners to pricier versions of destiny word telephones.

With the observe 10 Lite, Samsung can also have created a gateway telephone to lengthy-lasting notice possession. best time -- and future income -- will tell. .

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