Apple iPad Mini : Details

With a 7.9 - inch Retina display iPad is beloved for it's 

capability and size. But there are more cause to love this iPad 


So, Now we are going to tell you about those specification. Let's explore.

Apple iPad Mini
Apple iPad Mini


First of all we are going to look it's design. Most of all time iPad are big, can not pocket able but this iPad mini can pocket able. A light, thin and portable design features makes iPad mini the perfect on-the-go companion. It's weight is 0.66 pound. It is 6.1 mm thin. It is so easy to carry on pocket on with one hand.


iPad mini's battery is powerful, with a single charge you can go all day on. It will give you backup up to 10 hours of battery life with single charge. ( It will depend on users)


A remarkable level of power and intelligence in iPad mini used. The A12 Bionic Chip with Neural Engine enables. To recognize patterns, make predictions and learn from experience iPad mini uses real-time machine learning. You can run apps like experience augmented reality, Adobe Photoshop cc on play an immersive game with console level graphics. It is up to 3x faster than iPad Mini 4.


In a 7.9 - inch Retina display iPad mini packs over 3 million  pixels. So, any where you read something in it will give you the best view. The high brightness, wide color, anti-reflective  coating offer true-to-life-detail and razor-sharp text editing a video in your home office. Images look natural in any light with the help of true tone dynamically adjusts white balance.


Apple iPad mini let you take vivid photos and cinematic videos with the front and back cameras.
You can also scan documents, mark them up, use augmented reality also can Face Time calls with this iPad mini. It's back camera is 8 MP and it's Face Time HD Camera  is 7 MP. You can shoot in HD and also use the AR options.

Apple Pencil:

New possibilities for iPad mini opens up with Apple Pencil. It helps you to use iPad mini as a digital notebook. you can take it any where. You can jot downs notes, fill out forms, sign documents. You can also draw your creative ideas or painting on sketching all on the go.


iPad experience in the most compact iPad this iOS 12 give you on iPad mini. You can use multiple apps at a same time. From the dock you can launch your favorite apps. Using simple Multi-Touch gestures you can drag and drop files simply. Most of all with the files app you can access your files all in one place.


With powerful Apple designed apps, like photos, messages, safari, maps and mail. And also use over a million iPad apps from the Apple store. In App store you can find any type of app you need. Like: social media, sketch, videos editor and others.

Apple iPad Mini
Apple iPad Mini


you can keeps things like notes, files, your photos safe, current and available on all your devices. In one central location iCloud Drive lets you manage all your files through files app.

Privacy and Security:

In Apple iPad mini privacy and security is designed simple and secure. You can unlocking iPad mini with Touch ID. On the Touch ID Sensor, you have to just place your finger and you are good to go.


When every one can use it, technology becomes most powerful. For this iPad mini comes with, hearing, interaction, support vision and learning needs. Voice over option helps you tp listen what happening on your screen. iPad mini has up to 256 GB storage.

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