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Wi-Fi 6 With New Technology

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Wi-Fi 6

We know that 5G is a great deal. But those who like use Wi-Fi networks as much or more with phone and PC, tune out now from 5G noise for a moment and Let’s know what is coming with Wi-Fi 6.

In our connected lives Wi-Fi 6 will have a bigger impact. The tech standard actually called 802.11ax the consumer friendly new name of Wi-Fi6. It not only boost data transfer speeds but also it will do that by a factor of three or so.

Farther away from network gear it will also reach into corners of your house. It will handle better the crush of people at airport and stadiums also from your neighbor’s noisy network sidestep interference.

It should save your battery life of your phone or laptop too.

Qualcomm which is wireless chip designer is betting big on Wi-Fi 6.
 OFDMA is one of the biggest advances of Wi-Fi 6.  (OFDMA – orthogonal frequency division multiple access)

Unless you buy new network gear or wait for your internet service provider to upgrade what they supplied you, remember you would not benefit from Wi-Fi 6 in your home.
To allow true high density and simultaneous connectivity Wi-Fi 6 breaks the model of existing Wi-Fi design.

Wi-Fi 6 products can accommodate thousands of devices by using multiple radios on its access points. It is predictable and more responsive too.

Latency sensitive applications like Wi-Fi calling, 4K streaming video, augmented reality where large numbers of users are simultaneously access.

Places like hotels, offices, universities, airports where lots of people are using the Wi-Fi network will surely benefited by Wi-Fi 6.

Wi-Fi 6 is better to handle traffic from any corners of your home.

Wi-Fi 6 is surely a big change. At home and away your online life should get better with the Wi-Fi 6.

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