What is Digital Citizen ?

A Digital citizen is who use regularly and effectively the internet.

To engage in society, politics and government a person who utilizing information technology is a digital citizen. 
Digital citizen use the technology appropriately. People who use it extensively, using social networks, participating in online journalism, creating blogs are characterizing themselves as digital citizens.

Simple internet activity is the starting of becoming a digital citizen. All though when a child, teen or adults signs up for an email address, posts photos online uses e-commerce function is the begins of digital citizenship. As a citizen within society digital technology can lower the barriers to entry for participation.

Now developed country try the process to link their governments with digital sites. A serious drawback will become if their have lack of access to ward a digital citizen.
Digital States procedures many services in online such as tax report filing, birth registration, use of web sites to support people etc.

Commercial entities and many cultural information will not be abled to retrieve by Non-Digital citizens and this may lead them to social isolation on economic stagnation. 

Between Digital citizen and Non-Digital citizen citizen the gap is often define to as the digital divide.

The digital divide is currently a subject for academic debate because the access of internet has increased. But we have to find that in the place such as work, home, public place etc a citizen used or how they utilized it. Digital Citizen are more spare in developing countries.

To utilize technology with responsibility students in school should encourage and we should promote Ethical Digital Citizenship strongly.

With the help of educator, parents and school teachers a student can be a  successful Digital Citizen.

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