Facebook developing new messaging app

Aimed to helping users share more information more often 

with their closest friend, Facebook is reportedly developing a 

new messaging app.

Threads a New chatting App
Facebook Developing New chatting App "Threads"

The app meant to be a companion to Instagram. The app called "Threads"
To automatically share intimate details such as social media post, text, location, speed, battery life etc threads is designed. With your close friends list on Instagram the app is intended to be used.

Inside Instagram its looks very similar to the existing messaging product . In a central feed message from your friends appear in and a green dot indicating which will help to see which friends are currently active.

From inside Threads you can also view if your friends has posted a story recently. You can use Threads camera to capture photos and videos and send them to your close friends.

Facebook currently testing the app. When will Instagram expects to lunch threads there was no word.

A camera first app that had more than a passing resemblance to Snapchat earlier this year, the photo sharing social media behemoth ended support for direct.

For Snapchat, Threads could present another Facebook originated challenge. Most notable theft from Snapchat was Facebook's stories, which a feature core to the snap user experience.

threads will have a feature which allow users to build out their videos, messages and photos with "creative" controls. It could be similar to Snap's popular AR offerings.

In Chile, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Israel and Uruguay the app was tested but before a worldwide release accrued it was canceled.

Facebook announced a plan without switching apps, merge the services of, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp allowing users to sends messages to one another.

they will be brought together under a single messaging platform or protocol but the apps will remains separate.

Facebook has become one of world's most popular social networking websites with 2.32 billion monthly active users as of December 31, 2018 science it was lunched. 

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